Gardena Emergency Preparedness and Response Coalition

What you do before an emergency is much more important than after the emergency and there will be an next emergency, there just will be.
Santa Monica Fire Chief Jim Hone, (ret)
GEPRC Emergency Preparedness for Seniors Day
An Audio Message from Jim Hone, Santa Monica Fire Chief, Retired

GEPRC Training - Neighborhood Watch
The GEPRC takes their message of Emergency Preparedness into the neighborhoods of Gardena...

The GEPRC held its first disaster training event of 2014 at the Purche Ave Neighborhood Watch meeting. Retired Fire Chief Jim Hone instructed Neighborhood Watch members on how to turn on and off the water and gas going into the house while Chris Lynch instructed Neighborhood Watch members on how to safely turn on and off the electricy from the breaker panels and how to shut off the city water supply from the street. 
Photos from this event can be found in the "Photo Gallery" section on this web site.